I don't mean to enter into 'Fangirl Mode', really, but...

...freaking SQUEE!

What do you get when you add a girl's first real bishounen crush, excruciatingly pretty-ful CG that wasn't around back in 1997 when aforementioned crush began, and the words Final Fantasy VII all together..?

Instant recipe for fangirl highness, that's what.

*points* Look, just look at the vast transformation that blocky SD Sephiroth with toothpick-sized Masamune has made.. and marvel at the results!

But that's not all, ladies and.. well, fanboys! There's also:

Super-hot loner bishounen Cloud Strife! Complete with angsty expression! And Aeris's Sector Five Slums Church as a background! Considering that the last time we got to see any of these characters in CG the results weren't nearly as amazing, I'm kinda glad they've waited this long to make another Final Fantasy VII spin-off project.

Ah, right. So if you're done marvelling over the wonders of advanced CG, here's the scoop, straight from

Square Enix Announces Three Major Titles
09.25.03 - 4:33 AM

Square Enix has announced Kingdom Hearts II for PlayStation 2, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the Game Boy Advance as well as Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, pictured below, will be an entirely new DVD movie title, whose story will take place two years after the events of Final Fantasy VII and explore what has happened since Cloud and friends saved the world from Sephiroth and the meteor. It will also mark the return of popular FFVII protagonist Cloud Strife and his old foe Sephiroth. We will have more information on this, as well as the two Kingdom Hearts titles as the news becomes available - hopefully during this week's Tokyo Game Show.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will be available sometime next year.

More Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Details
10.01.03 - 10:04 AM

In an interview with a Japanese publication, members of Square Enix's first production team talked about their CG movie project Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The 60-minute movie is currently 10% complete. It was reiterated that the company was not working on a game sequel to Final Fantasy VII. A total of about 20 characters will appear in Advent Children and the audience might ask itself at one point or another: What is this character doing there? The game's main theme will be "to save the children".

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will be available in Japan sometime in summer 2004.

Oh, and just for some added eye-candy:

More mature-looking Sora. *happy sigh* Yeah, life is good...
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• kimi o tsurete •

Okay, so I finally saw my first episode of Digimon Frontier today, and the only thing I can say is that it positively owns. I mean, there's no beating 01 and even 02 came through [probably because it added the 01 kids into the mix], but 03 was... a bit of a let-down, from what I saw.

Don't get me wrong... Takato was absolutely adorable, and so was Lee [Henry... ugh *glares at dubbers*]. Rika [is that her name..? I forgot *sweatdrop*] isn't really convincing as the female-loner [I mean, when you've got Matt and Ken to live up to, it's kind of hard to compare anyway].

But from the little I've seen of 04... I can tell that it's gonna be really really good. I can tell you who I like right off the bat: we haven't met him yet, but from what I've seen and heard, Kouichi Kimura is going to be my Matt/Ken hybrid for the new season.

I would have chosen Kouji Minamoto [considering they're kinda sorta twins and everything], but Kouichi's image songs won me over completely. *prods you to download "Blader" and "With Broken Wings" immediately*

So yeah. It's kind of scary, isn't it? I mean, it's like I'm reverting three or four years into the past... I've picked up on watching Pokémon again now that the new season is starting, and Beyblade is fast becoming another one of my musts.

Add to that mornings of watching Yu-Gi-Oh! and yearning for Joey Wheeler to get a beatdown [sorry, but his and Serenity's "you're my inspiration" talk is getting me a bit... suspicious *shifty-eyes*].

Oh, and Odion [Rashid, dammit, RASHID!] is the coolest not-quite-big-brother ever [with the exception of Yamato Ishida, Taichi Yagami, and Kouichi Kimura, who promptly loses big brother points for looking so damn CUTE paired up with his twin *sweatdrop*] 'cos he's totally been there for Marik [Malik, dammit, MALIK!].

Eat that, Wheeler. You can run around and snivel over your sis all you want, but Odion... he's got the guts to put himself literally on the line and risk physical harm for someone who isn't even his REAL brother. THAT'S love, people. *cue deep spiritual music... and stuff*

And while we're on the subject of animé, I STILL haven't been able to watch a single episode of Shaman King, 'cos they give it at the same time as Pokémon AND Digimon... and we're going by the scale of importance.

So, say, if Pokémon plays at the same time as Digimon, it gets first priority. But since Digimon plays at the same time as Shaman King as well, and there's only two TVs availabale in the mornings, tough luck for the FOXbox.

Not to completely count out the FOXbox though... I mean that kid from Sonic X [...what the HELL is his name..? *wonder*] is EXTREMELY cute. He reminds me of Sora from Kingdom Hearts, and I love Sorachan, so that kid ...if I could figure out his name... should get up onto my list eventually... it's just that, well, he's on Sonic X, so... minus a few points. But... *hopeful* something good may come out of that...

*doesn't know what the hell she's talking about now... so she goes off to huggle her newly-acquired Kouichi Kimura plushie...*


What's your Sonic pairing?
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You can take or leave love, as
long as you get your daily dose of
steamilicious sex.

Who's Your Inner Weiß Pairing? @ Weiß Versa</font>

Yaoi fangirl
You're a Yaoi fangirl.

Are you a yaoi fangirl?
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You are... Raphael + Mikael.

Twin-fun Kouji

Which Kouji Minamoto are you?
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O_o... at least they're both
cute *giggle-sweatdrop*


Which Digimon 4 Couple Are You?
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kouji x kouichi

te gustan las cosas familiares, eres de mente
abierta, tienes una personalidad fuerte, pero
justa, y un punto de vista muy amplio,
felicidades xD.. Ademas el koukou rulea y todos
lo sabemos :3

[ kouji x kouichi

you like comforting things, have an open mind,
have a strong personality, but one that is justified,
and have a very ample point of view, congratulations xD..
Besides Koukou rules and we all know it :3 ]

Que pareja de Digimon Frontier eres?
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• here's to free time •

...which I haven't had much of lately. Not that I've had tons of homework or anything, but between finishing up little things - like downloading and answering Livvie's Harry Potter Role-play - and getting important stuff done - yeah, that includes homework and studying - I've been lacking in time for my poor neglected Livejounal *gets prize for longest single sentence written this week*.

So... to make up for that, here're a few quiz results to keep the audience happy while I tidy up the rant I've got ready to post in a few days' time... *evil laugh*

What Digimon Character Are You?

mmm yami
Dark Kouichi

Which Kimura Kouichi from Digimon Frontier are you?
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What Digimon Character Are You?

You are Tsukino Usagi

You are love food, boys, shopping, and hanging out with your friends. You tend to cry when things get too hard, and have trouble doing things right the first time. You probably need to study a little harder. Your faith in the basic goodness of all people keeps you on the right track, even when others don't see it.

Take the "What Magic Girl are you?" Quiz

Comparing between your couple and Digicouple. (for girls) (You don't have to watch Digimon to play this quiz.)

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Izumi, You must be really good

What digi-destined from season 4 are you? (digimon)
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You're Ken Ichijouji! Aw...poor thing. You have a
troubled past, and maybe even now a troubled
present. You are low in self esteem and are
often stuck battling your inner demons. You are
very thoughtful and smart, and best of all,
loyal to whatever friends you have. Since some
people consider you weird, or odd, you treasure
greatly your friends and family, afraid to
offend them in some way. Don't worry-you're
very sweet, deep down, even with the things you
may have done in the past.

What Digimon 02 character Are You?
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You're Yamato!
You are Yamato Ishida. A loner by far, full of
musical talent. You have angst but value

What Digimon Boy (01-02) Are You?
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You are Kari!
You are Kari:: You're kind and popular but you're
not as innocent as others might think. You love
flirting, you're artistic, and you are usually
cheerful. However deep down you have emotional
self esteem issues.

What Digimon Girl Are You (01-03)?
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What is your Digimon opening song?
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You have ADD/ADHD. YIPEE!!!! HYPER happy happy, joy joy!
You have a very happy and hyper mind. You usually
can't stay focused because of this
hyperactivity. You are just one happy person,
aren't you?

Which Digimon Frontier mental disorder do you have?
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• *insert famous "...warship on my head" quote* •

Okay, so here's the deal.

I kind of got tired of dealing with Blurty after a while -- you know, not being able to use those cool ALT Codes, having limited updating options, the like -- so I decided to come back to my favorite webjournaling server.

Lucky me, I found a stray code swimming around the internet -- search engines are blessed, I tell you, blessed -- so I decided to use it and make a new alias, since my previous journal has basically (for lack of better phrasing) gone headfirst into hell.

I may or may not completely dispose of it, because there may still be a few entries I might want to hang on to, so for the time being it'll just remain in limbo. This one'll be my new default, since ra_se_n will likely just direct any visitors straight back to this one.

Hope I can make a home out of this like I did with most of my others, and expect more random ramblings as time goes on. For now, though...

¤ ¤ ¤

Kimi wa boku not burning love!

You're a blowjob reference that noone but a Gackt-tard would understand.

How you came to be, noone will probably ever know- just like Gackt's perversions.

One thing you have above others is Engrish originality. Not to mention that
you wanna need, not betray.

How many people can honestly say that for themselves?

Which Engrish Hilarity Are You? Test made by: Docudrama.

¤ ¤ ¤

Your 'Xenogears'
character personality most
closely matches that of


Like Bart, you are very impulsive
and sometimes even naive. You
tend to take charge of situations,
though often you make no
compromises with others or follow
their advice. You can be somewhat
obstinate at times, but you have
the persistance to get things done
and get them done right. You have
natural charm and are probably
somewhat popular. To others, you
represent energy and vigor. That
is what makes you charismatic.

¤ ¤ ¤

I'm a Split Paint Brush

I seem to be 2 people in 1

I can never make up my mind

and I love difference!

¤ ¤ ¤

If I were a Neopet... I'd be a Kacheek!

Kacheeks are a shy little species that live in the lush meadows of Neopia.

They will avoid violence whenever possible and love to make new friends.
Which Neopet are you?
Which Neopet are you? Click here to find out!

¤ ¤ ¤

*nod* So there. That should hold for the time being, tee...
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